For Parts As-Is SEIKO Sportsmatic 5 Deluxe 7606-7972 23Jewels Automatic Working

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Condition Rank: C Incomplete ( components missing, non-functional )

The date feed button is broken.
You can send the date by operating the direct contact point.

Size : 36.8 mm x 43.4mm x 13.3mm

Runs Actually Poor.

This is a reference value.
Keeping time: -136 ~ +63 sec / day.
Beat Err: 2.4 AMPLITUDE:195

Delivery will be by DHL, FedEx or EMS.

We don't overhaul mechanical watches.
The maintenance history is also unknown. When checking operation, depending on usage conditions, there is a possibility of sudden malfunction or a large daily difference in operation.
We cannot accept returns or free repairs, so please understand and bid.

We have photographed the condition as clearly as possible, but if you have any questions, please confirm them before payment.

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